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You should see what we saw!

A Cut Above

With our diamond blades and seasoned expertise, we are your go-to source for concrete cutting.

For Concrete Cutting in Central Alberta, We’re Your Point of Contact

For precision concrete cutting in central Alberta, contact the professionals at Central Cutting. We have the tools and expertise to make the cuts you need. Whether you require inverted or angled cuts, we can do it all. We’re capable of supplying you with any size doorway, ventilation unit space, window, loading dock or any other opening the job demands. Are you looking to remove a damaged section of pavement? Give us a call; we’ll show up wherever you need us to be with the right equipment on hand. We work clean to ensure a process that is free of excess dust, fumes and leftover debris. Our services include:

Slab/asphalt cutting

Wall sawing

Concrete core drilling

Concrete breaking

Hand sawing

And more

Whether we’re out in the open or confined to a tight space, we’re prepared to accommodate all requests.

Drilling for New Construction

Ensure speedy and efficient productivity on your job site. Our concrete core drilling services create the pathway you need for any number of residential or commercial applications. From drainage to fiber optics, our core drilling capabilities allow us to reach almost any depth through the hardest of materials. We can penetrate the wall, slab or footing in question with minimal impact on the surrounding area’s structural integrity. Do you require cores for concrete testing? We’ll get you any sample size you need.

For fast, dependable workmanship throughout central Alberta, call us today!

Solid Reputation

Our business has assisted building contractors throughout central Alberta for over 60 years.

To the Point

Let’s discuss your impending project in more detail. We offer free quotes for all our services.

Rip It Up

If that concrete needs to go, we're the team to phone. We're available Monday through Friday.

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